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Month: September 2017

Pirate Radio Waterford

no responses. September 26, 2017 Colin Kennedy


It had to happen I suppose, that my (usually) sunny disposition and sense of sang froid would sooner or later hit a speed bump on the cosmic highway. Narky? Grumpy? Yeah, just a little. What’s lit this fire under me is an item I saw on the ‘DJs of the Irish pirate radio era’ Facebook page proposing to set up a radio museum/gallery/exhibition in Dublin featuring pirate radio, encompassing all stations nationally and not just the Dublin ones, I assume. It’s a great idea and I’m all for it but what frustrates me is that this is something we could do here in Waterford featuring our own stations. We had five of them after all – WLR, Suirside, ABC, Crystal City Sound and NCR. There’s enough there and surely enough memorabilia to populate such an exhibition if the will was there…..