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Magnitude 7.0 Earthquake Rattles Japan

7.0 magnitude earthquake hits off southern coast of Japan

14 November 2015 Latest News News World News

A 7.0 magnitude earthquake has struck off the Japanese coast, some 159 km (99 miles) south west of the city Makurazaki in the Kagoshima Prefecture. The quake’s epicenter was pinpointed at a depth of 10 kilometers, after it struck at 5:51 am (2051 GMT Friday)

A tsunami warning issued for Kagoshima and Satsunan islands was later lifted. The quake happened at a depth of about 10km (six miles).

A magnitude 7.0 earthquake is classified as a major earthquake that can cause serious damage. Magnitudes measure the energy released at the source of the earthquake, which  is determined from measurements on seismographs. After an earthquake, secondary shockwaves can occur, and while they are less violent than the main quake, they can still be strong enough to do additional damage to weakened structures. The aftershocks can occur within hours or even months after the initial quake. In coastal areas

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