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About TCRfm

About TCRfm

Tramore Community Radio Ltd (TCRfm) was set up in 2009 to provide Tramore with its own unique media outlet. Since then it has operated on several Temporary 100 day FM broadcast license’s issued by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) and also via the Internet.

Tramore Community Radio is a registered “Not for profit” organisation, run by volunteers, & overseen by a Board of Directors who represent the wider Community of Tramore.

The station provides an outlet and a voice for those within the community and those often marginalised by other media.   We offer a fair, independent and objective service, which represent the range of views and interests within the community.

We strive to promote and support access to and participation in, broadcasting for individuals and groups within the community.

One purpose of Tramore Community Radio is to inform the population of Tramore about what is happening in the town and to provide a platform for individuals, community, voluntary and sports groups within the community to inform the greater population about the work that they do.

Tramore Community Radio is a tool for the community to include, engage, inform and entertain as much of the population as possible.  By doing so a greater community spirit is fostered and the community becomes stronger, something that is needed now more than ever.

Tramore Community Radio reaches niche audiences with customised programming prepared by the volunteers.

Community groups, societies and clubs are encouraged to make their own speech programmes highlighting their groups’ activities.  Many groups have come in and done introductory interviews, highlighting their core activities, how to get in touch and how to participate in groups activities etc.

We have a number of special interest groups actively participating in TCRfm many of whom are involved in programming directly and indirectly.  We are actively involved in broadcasting and archiving local music, folklore and history.

Tramore has a large non-Irish national population and TCRfm aims to include programming targeted to them.

We have an open door policy regarding new volunteers and offer training, mentoring and guidance to any individual or group representatives coming in who may wish to actively participate in TCRfm’s activities. If you would like to become a volunteer at TCRfm, you can contact us here through the Website, via Facebook or why not drop into our studios situated in the heart of Tramore on Queen street.

TCRfm complies with the Governance Code for Type B organisations.