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Aer Southeast postpones launch of service & set to refund customers

8 July 2017 Latest News Local News News

Aer Southeast, is returning cash it collected from customers and postponing its July 24th launch.

The Commission for Aviation Regulation (CAR) recently forced Aer Southeast to stop selling tickets for flights between Waterford and Britain because it did not have the required tour operator’s licence.

Its chief executive, Einar Adalsteinsson, has pledged that customers would be 100 per cent reimbursed beginning on Friday 7th July.

In view of the request we received from the Commission for Aviation Regulation (CAR) not to accept bookings for our new services to the UK without the required licence, we are refunding all booking fares to date.

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused to customers, you will be 100% reimbursed beginning today. The refund will be made using electronic transfer to the bank or credit card account that was used during booking.

We remain fully committed to operating flights between Waterford, London-Luton, Manchester and Birmingham, and we are working closely with CAR over the coming weeks to ensure that the correct licensing system is put in place.

Once we are in a position to recommence taking bookings, we will communicate with our customers immediately.

I want to personally thank the very significant number of customers who booked with us on our opening day and those who have supported us through our recent difficulties, particularly the management team at Waterford Airport.

We are heartened by the positive response we have received from the people of the region and from further afield and despite the less-than-ideal position we have found ourselves in recently, we are fully confident that there is a lot of demand for our services and a lot of goodwill towards Aer Southeast and Waterford Airport.

It is now clear that we will not be able to launch our services on July 24th as originally planned but we look forward to welcoming our customers aboard our maiden flight later on this summer. Once again I thank all of you for your support and forbearance.

Einar Adalsteinsson CEO Aer Southeast

Waterford Airport said it regretted that the services would not begin as planned and welcomed the airline’s decision to refund customers’ money.

Aer Southeast’s services would have been the first scheduled commercial flights from the airport in more than a year.

Aer Southeast has yet to apply for the tour operator’s licence, which is meant to protect consumers’ money. Airlines must put up a bond that can be used to compensate passengers for cancelled flights and pass a financial fitness test.

Once an airline meets the requirements, the CAR can take just days to grant the licence.

Aer Southeast has not explained why it did not know that it was required to have the permit in order to operate in the Republic.