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Riona Moore

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30 October 2017 Blog Country & Irish

In this weeks blog, a bit different than the last two or three, we are going to look at some new and existing stars of both the country and Irish scene. As you all know there is a constant flow of new and emerging talent and they are all releasing really good material. We will of course return to the normal blog next week but in the meantime please do have a read of some of my Country and Irish artists that I thought deserved a mention.

Riona Moore

Lets start with a great Irish singer that I was delighted to feature on the Country and Irish show over the last few weeks, Riona Moore whose single “Don’t you worry none” was released on Itunes last Friday 27th October and it is a great song and sung brilliantly by an Irish singer who was born in Galway but now resides in Spain but music has been in her blood since the age of eleven. If you get a chance, do check out her Facebook Page and you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram. We wish Riona much success.

Paddy Fitzpatrick – Sandy

From Poet, Singer and songwriter comes the beautiful song Sandy, one of his greatest influences are the Clancy Brothers and Bobby Clancy attended the CD launch.Paddy is happiest when performing on stage, A Retired Army Policeman and currently a carer and you can hear Sandy on the Country and Irish on Monday’s from 12pm till 2pm. We wish Paddy all the best with this latest release.

Tom Power – The Spoken Word

Another artist which deserves a mention although not a singer local man Tom Power does deserve a mention for the CD he released a little while ago called The Spoken Word 22 poems of Rhyme and Reason, Past and Present. I had the great pleasure of meeting Tom and heard him reciting poetry and it was superb, as is this CD which contains poems with lovely backing tracks and Tom reciting his poems which have a deep meaning and message.

Other releases which are well worth a listen are, and we will be playing these over the next week or two on the Country and Irish Show:

Maeve Farrell – Dancing Queen

You can check out her Facebook Page for further details

Gina kelly – A chance would be a fine thing

You can check out her Facebook Page for further details

Lorna Goodwin – Little red wagon

You can check out her Facebook Page for further details

And as we do every week our Country Spotlight this week is Shane Owen’s

Shane Owens Born in Reading just outside London to Irish parents (both Mum and Dad are from Cavan) Shane from the age of three fell in love with Irish country music, at every opportunity he would raid his dads record collection and listen for endless hours to Mick Flavin, Mike Denver, and some legends from the USA including Waylon Jennings, George Jones and Willie Nelson. By the age of five, he was performing the country classic “Country Roads” on stage at his local Irish club, and there and then he was bitten by the bug and he has never looked back.

Before signing to J & C promotions, Shane continued to perform on the Irish club scene with his Dad and his apprenticeship has served him well as he prepares to bring his style of country and dance music to Ireland’s leading venues.

Shane has released a few songs to date including Long legged woman dressed in black and Some nights which was sung by the band Fun to name but two. At only age 20 Shane is surely on the way to been one of Ireland favourite Country stars. You can out find all about Shane Owens Here  and if you get a chance listen to his material on Youtube, you will not be disappointed.


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