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Draft Flood Maps public consultation day in Tramore and Dunmore East

12 February 2015 Latest News Local News News

 In an article recently published on Cllr John Deasy’s website, The South East CFRAM study project team will be holding Public Consultation Days in Tramore and Dunmore East and on Monday, February 16 in relation to the new National Catchment-based Flood Risk Assessment and Management (CFRAM) scheme.


Draft fDraft Flood Maps - consultation days in Tramore and Dunmore Eastlood maps have been produced and members of the South East CFRAM Study project team will be available to discuss and explain the maps and to collate any ‘local knowledge’ flooding information.The CFRAM Programme is being undertaken by the Office of Public Works (OPW) to meet national policy needs and the requirements of the EU ‘Floods’ Directive.


It involves a comprehensive flood risk assessment focused on 300 areas of potentially significant flood risk, including Tramore and Dunmore, and the development of long-term, sustainable plans to reduce and manage flood risk.


Work on the draft flood maps has involved extensive surveying and analysis of river flows and the development of computer models to determine how flooding occurs.  Based on this work, a range of draft flood maps has been produced.


The flood maps will inform sustainable planning, to help ensure that we avoid building in flood prone areas into the future.Members of the public may provide observations in person, and/or through the study website, http://www.southeastcframstudy.ie


Public Consultation Venues

  • NRA Regional Design Office, Tramore House: 3—7pm.
  • Ocean Hotel, Dock Road, Dunmore East: 3—7pm


[h/t: Cllr John Deasy]

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