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Irish Postcodes Due To Be Launched

17 June 2015 Latest News Local News National News News

Most of the industry are eagerly awaiting the launch of the new Irish Postcode system. As one of the only countries in the OECD not to have a postcode system Ireland will now become one of the first in the world to have a public database of unique identifiers for all properties in the State. It has been said that the estimated launch date is the 8th of July, so hopefully we can expect to know what our new digits are in about 8 weeks time.

The company in charge of the new system say they’ll be posting a unique Eircode to 2.2 million households in the last two weeks of June, However the launch will only occur when the final piece of legislation is passed by the government.

The roll-out is a number of months later than scheduled with the original plan hoping to have the codes in place by the Spring of this year, the challenge is that the government is currently distracted by the sale of Aer Lingus, and from another source it’s said the delay is caused by data protection concerns.

The data protection commissioner is warning that sensitive information about individuals is being made more accessible by the upcoming introduction of Ireland’s new postcode system.

The new postcode system is said to generate additional revenue as the government plans to charge business to access the database when it’s compiled.

The post code is expected to be a character code – The first three characters will relate to a general area or postal district in which the address is located with the remaining four digits being the unique identifier.

There are indeed many benefits of having postal codes one in particular described by the Communications Minister Pat Rabbitte: “For example, given the prevalence of satellite navigation systems in cars, a driver will simply be able to insert a postcode into their device, rather than a lengthy address and will be provided with the accurate location.”

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