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Major City Revamp Planned

19 May 2015 Latest News Local News News

Waterford City is set for major change as part of a 10 million euro  revamp of Waterford’s urban landscape. It has been said that there is a new route plan which will propose a one way orbital traffic system including Manor street, Bunkers Hill, Stephens Street and Mayors Walk. The proposal is to convert a large section of Manor Street into a one way system, allowing only inbound traffic as far as Railway Square, outbound traffic will be diverted via Railway Square / Poleberry to rejoin the Cork Road at Bath Street. The addition of new lights at the Bath Street / Manor Hill junction will aid the flow of traffic, as well as prohibiting traffic turning into Poleberry from Manor Street. ‘Bunkers Hill upward will become one way, as will Mayors Walk (in the direction of Ballybricken) as well as the section of Patrick Street between Mayors walk & Stephen Street, while Stephen Street itself, will become one way in the direction of Newgate Street, effectively completing the circle

According to images the area will be revamped will include a new pedestrian family square.  It has been said this transformation for Waterford City will have a huge positive impact in terms of how people move around the city, it is aimed at reducing traffic as it will all flow easily through the one way system.

Work is expected to begin in the coming months on the three year revamp. The historic Apple market is also to be transformed with a mirrored stainless steel roof that will be covering daytime and night time entertainment.

There will also be smaller plaza spaces created at St Francis Place, Lady Lane and John Street  which could be invaluable during some of Waterford’s international festivals. Colbeck St and John St will be designated gateways to the city centre.

Waterford City and County Council said high-quality paving will use “a consistent palette of Irish limestone and light-coloured Spanish granite”, while kerbs and clutter will be addressed to improve access for people with disabilities.

Mayor of Waterford James Tobin commented and stated that “this major investment in the city centre has tremendous potential to further boost Waterford’s attractiveness to visitors and locals alike”

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