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Medics are asking for a national emergency to be declared in hospitals

24 October 2015 Latest News National News News

Medics are calling on the Government to declare a national emergency in our hospitals.

The Irish Medical Organisation is accusing the Coalition of showing more concern over the emigration of boxing coach Billy Walsh than a generation of emigrating doctors.

It said the situation in hospitals around the country has never been as bad, in terms of overcrowding and waiting lists.

Dr Ray Walley has said the health service is at crisis point.

“Well we’ve had the farce in the last few days of massive amount of attention from the Government, with regard to the important issue of our national boxing coach emigrating whilst we have our health service at crisis proportions,” Dr Walley said.

“Continued crisis proportions in regard to emigrating medics where the number of medic resigning is greater than the number of medics taking up positions.”

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