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9 October 2017 Blog Country & Irish

In this blog we will look at some events that are taking place in the Country Scene, New releases, News and our first Spotlight is looking at 14 year old Owen Mac. Its amazing as I sit here writing this blog how the old blends with the new as in the case this week young Country stars releasing vinyl records and younger Country stars blending right in with season pros so to speak, It just goes to say the world of Country Music is universal and timeless and whoever has the gift and whatever way they release it weather it be Cd, Record or iTunes it all blends and gives us many hours of listening pleasure.

Events in The Country & Irish Scene

Dungarvan goes country in October

Some of the big names from the Irish scene will be heading to Lawlor’s Hotel in Dungarvan for a country music dancing weekend from 13-15 October.

There will be a double bill each night, with all lead singers taking along their own bands. Those who will front the shows in Dungarvan are Declan Nerney, John McNicholl, Paddy O’Brien, Gerry Guthrie, Paul Kelly and Joe Davitt. The opening act goes on stage at 9.30pm.

PJ Murrihy provides the music for the afternoon (3pm to 5pm) on Saturday, 14 Octoer, with Patrick and Conor O’Sullivan doing likewise on the Sunday. Pat Daly hosts the nightly sing-song in the bar.

Donegal flood dance

A dance in support of the recent victims of the Donegal flood on the Inishowen peninsula will be held at the Strand Hotel, Ballyliffen, on Wednesday, 18 October. The show starts at 9pm.

The headline act will be Margo, but the night will also feature Mick Flavin, John Hogan and the Ryan Turner Band.

At the Rhu Glenn Country Club you can dance to Cliona hagan on Saturday 18th November 2017, Then on the 28th October Michael English takes to the stage.

Also coming to The Cappoquinn Community Centre on January 8th are the three Amigos who have recently brought out a new single Still not dead. Three Amigos of course consist of Patrick Feeney, Jimmy Buckley and Robert Mizzell. For further details you can contact the venues directly.

Country & Irish News

Derek puts it on record

This week, Derek Ryan becomes the first Irish country artist in around 30 years to release an album on vinyl and the plaudits are rolling in. No one is more chuffed that Derek himself.

His Dad who has a record collection really is thrilled as I am, and the rest of the family, that the album is now out on vinyl.”

Perfect Days, the title of Derek’s new release, features 11 of his self-penned songs, along with Pick a Bale of Cotton, all specially re-mastered for vinyl release.

In an era of digital downloads and online streaming, Surprisingly or maybe not, In the last 12 months there is a huge increase in demand for vinyl records.

A ShowBand Story

A new book taking a close look at stories from Ireland’s Showband era from the 1950s to the 1970s was launched at Dubray Bookshop, Grafton Street, Dublin, on Thursday, 5 Oct with Aonghus McAnally MC at the ceremony. The book makes an immediate connection with that special vibe on the music circuit. The book will be on general release around the country in the coming days.

New Single from Lorna Goodwin – Little Red Wagon

Lorna Goodwin has been drawn to recording her music since she was a child! Though born in London, Lorna’s family moved home to Ireland when she was two. Though she has an Honors Degree in Business Studies, Lorna has always been very keen on music and acting.

The Country Spotlight

The angelic voice of 14-year-old Irish singer Owen Mac is continuing to wow country music lovers throughout Ireland and the the rest of the world as his music videos become viral sensations. One of his biggest hits, “Play me the Waltz of the Angels,” has reached over a quarter of a million views alone and love is pouring in for the exceptionally talented young lad from Co. Derry. This young lad lad did a brilliant cover of Jimmy Buckley’s My Mother and that too got great views. Although only 14 he has released 3 Albums and has great support from his family. You can check out Owen’s talent on YouTube or check out his Facebook page.

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