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New Laws For Council Run Playgrounds

18 June 2015 Latest News Local News News

Do you frequent Children’s playgrounds in Waterford City and county? If so, you might want to read this….

Waterford City & County Council have issued a new ban that will see parents being no longer allowed to smoke or curse in front of their children in the counties playgrounds.

The new law due to be introduced by Waterford City and County Council now prohibits parents from smoking or use an e-cigarette whilst they are attending any parks which are owned or ran by the council. The county board have also voted in favour of introducing a ban on cursing which will prohibit the use of foul language around young children. The somewhat controversial ban will be enforced from July 1st.

Anyone who is caught breaking the rules faces being immediately removed from the park and face a hefty fine of €1,270.

Alongside this new ban, the council have also introduced a ban on, gambling, begging, firearms, religious services, model air-planes, cattle, sheep, horses and donkeys. The Council also say people will not be allowed to light fires, have a barbecue, pick flowers or do anything that could damage any trees, shrubs or plants.

The council have also ban anyone who wishes to skateboard, roller skate, roller blade or use any non-motorised vehicle in any parks. However, if you are Council Employee, you will be exempt from these restrictions!!!

It is not yet known whether other County Councils across the country will impose such bans.

There is a portion of this story that brings to mind, an article published by Satirical news site ‘Waterford Whispers News’ back in 2011 where they declared.. ….”LARGE NOTICES have been put up on the outer railings of the towns only children’s playground saying: ‘Socks must not be worn with sandals at this playground. Especially white ones.”

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