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Ongoing Bus Éireann Privatisation Issue

13 May 2015 Latest News Local News National News News

As TCRfm has reported previously, the Bus Éireann routes that will be up for grabs include services around Waterford and commuter routes from Dublin to Tullamore, Newbridge, Portlaoise, Kildare and Athy.

Hopefully the majority of students studying in Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) will see a new public transport service provider by the year 2016.

As it’s said a number of routes including the Waterford to Tramore route will be included in the packages for tender A decision to privatise 10 per cent of the routes nationally and 100 percent of routes operated by Bus Éireann around Waterford may also lead to ticket costs becoming more expensive and poorer customer experience.

Dublin Bus and Bus Éireann will be able to compete for the routes when the competition begins.

Most of the contracts put out to tender will be for local routes in Waterford city and commuter services between Dublin and towns in County Kildare. The Tramore to Waterford route was highlighted as a route that would possibly be privatised. 

TCRfm recently did a small survey discussing the opinions of our local residents regarding the issue.

Local resident Brian stated that he “Doesn’t think privatising public transport works , it certainly doesn’t on the rail and bus services in the U.K. Hard to see why a private company would want to run it really , it’s more of a social service outside the tourist season !”

While another resident we spoke to feels “ Well it can’t be any worse. As is it’s the most expensive bus route in the country! “

Local resident Caroline posed an interesting question stating that “ Bus Éireann is a good service running from 6:45 in the morning to 11:30 at night. Will the new tenders do this?!!”

Here at tcrfm we are currently monitoring the situation and will certainly keep you updated on any further news.

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