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Recent Tree Felling Defended

8 April 2015 Latest News Local News News

The newly appointed communications officer for Waterford City & County Council has defended the Council’s recent decision to carry out extensive tree felling on the Glen Road & Newtown Woods. The work that was carried out angered many local people in Tramore, with the general opinion being that the work was far too excessive, and what some would consider breaking the law given the ban on cutting of hedgerows between the 1st of March & the 31st of August. However this ban on hedgerow cutting can, and in this case, has been over ridden on health & safety grounds.

Defending the work Claire Hartley said that Waterford City & County Council consulted with their horticulturist, ahead of the work being carried out. It was the horticulturists opinion that the trees posed a risk as they leaned at an acute angle over the road in the natural endeavor for light. As well as concerns for road users, it was also stated that the level of growth was proving to be an obstacle when the local authority were carrying out routine maintenance works in the area.

This long awaited response from the Council on this issue may do little to stem the tide of anger at this work, as many local people firmly believe that an area of Natural beuaty has been devastated irreparably . Leah Burgess stated in an email to TCRfm and to the local authority, that she had concerns that according to the local area plan, the Glen Road was classed as Key biodiversity site and an ecological corridor, yet is under the threat of rezoning

The zoning amendment proposed for the Glen Road involving rezoning from open space to residential will incur loss of open space and an area of natural environment value and infers uncertain impacts for biodiversity and landscape. Any proposed development on the site will be subject to policy G1 and objective G1.

18091_817216291659720_7956944761139777964_nLeah also claimed that with the removal of the trees, there is now an increased risk of soil erosion, the ground becoming  saturated as there is no longer any trees to take up the water and even higher risk of flooding. The trees would also have filtered a lot of the water before it got into the stream therefore lowering the amount of pollutants entering it.

It seems this one will run, but at least we have an official response stating that the works were carried out on the grounds of health & safety.

(Photo’s courtesy of Ciaran Conneely & Leah Burgess)

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