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13 November 2014 Latest News Local News News

Recently, Tony Hennessy, CEO & Founder at Genealogy – Waterford Origins did some genealogical research for the US TV show ‘Finding your Roots’. The particular episode aired on Tuesday evening last in America but was not available here in Ireland. However he is delighted to reveal that the internationally renowned musician Sting, who featured on the show, is a direct descendant of Elizabeth Cody who was born and lived at No. 31 Francis St. in Waterford City.

Unfortunately the Waterford connection was not included on the show itself but Sting was given the details of his Waterford ancestry including photographs of Francis St. and Ballybricken and it is reported that he was ‘delighted to hear about how his ancestors lived in the Waterford area, with its illustrious history’. 10580018_841526022598833_1048751517525720748_n

For those who want the technical stuff: Elizabeth, known as Eliza, was the daughter of John Cody ‘a gentleman’s coachman’ and Margaret Cummins and was baptized in Ballybricken church in 1848. She later moved to Sunderland in England and married John Murphy, a native of Co. Monaghan in 1872. They had several children including a daughter Agnes Murphy (1878-1849). Agnes married Robert Wright. Their daughter Agnes Wright married one Thomas Sumner.

Their son Ernest Sumner was the father of Gordon Matthew Sumner, known to the world as Sting! Tony Hennessy is a member of The Association of Professional Genealogists in Ireland – the accrediting body for Irish Genealogy


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