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Stench Keeps People Away From Guillamene Swimming Cove

18 September 2014 Latest News Local News News

In recent weeks, the Guillamene swimming cove at Newtown, a much loved local beauty spot, has fallen foul of irresponsible behavior. People who use the area regularly, are currently avoiding it due to the stench of rotting fish & allegedly human excrement. A small minority of people who use the cove for fishing are being blamed. Members of the Newtown & Guillamene swimming club who work hard to develop & maintain the facility, have stated that this needs to stop.

images (2) Recently, a member of the club was threatened with a knife when they approached an individual with regards to unauthorized fishing. For years, fishing & swimming have co-existed with no problem, but with the current bountiful mackerel season the numbers of people turning up to fish have increased dramatically.

The swimming club have catered for fishermen by installing ladders & setting boundary lines for swimmers and fishermen for safety reasons. These are now largely being ignored however. The main problem stems from people using the flat rocks to fillet fish & smaller fish being left to die on the rocks instead of being responsibly thrown back into the sea. images (4)

The club have called on the Mayor of the Waterford metropolitan district, Lola O’Sullivan & independent Councillor Joe Conway to enact a bye law preventing fishing in bathing areas & to educate fishermen on the need to clean up after themselves.


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