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Teens cause havoc in Tramore..

27 May 2015 Latest News Local News News

Ardscoil Na Mara 6th year students graduated on Thursday the 21st of may. We here at TCRfm heard there was a lot of trouble that night.

The commotion ensued at 11pm on Thursday night and continued in various parts of the town until 9 am Friday morning. A certain group of teenagers caused uproar among some of the local residents of Tramore as there was a roof of someone’s car damaged and also wing mirrors were kicked off cars on Priest Road around 12.30am on Friday.

Gardaí here in Tramore had their work cut out for them on Thursday night as five separate complaints went in regarding the teenagers. Some time between 11.20pm and 8.30am the following morning another car on Priest Road was also damaged. Gardaí also seized a lot of alcohol from under-age students whom were found drinking at Doneraile Place shortly after 12.30am. Its said a number of the youths ran when they saw the gardaí coming.

Gardaí say that public order charges are more than likely going to be brought in regarding one extreme case. Although the crimes are not being attributed toward any person in particular as the matters are still under investigation.

It was reported in the Waterford News and Star that the Principal from ArdScoil Na Mara refused to comment on the matter. However, Father Michael Twomey described the damage to cars as deplorable “I am very disappointed that anyone would go around vandalizing property following any kind of celebration”. He also commented that Friday morning he moved some lingering youths who had been sleeping at Cannons Field as they were drinking all through the night. He did however say that these particular youths were obliging and courteous when he asked them to move on.


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