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Tramore Inclusion Park

10 September 2014 Latest News Local News News

Tramore’s Inclusion Park was introduced with the following bio: “Our playground in Tramore pays homage to it’s most famous landmark, ‘The Metal Man.’ A sentry always on duty to guide ships to safe passage. However in this instance he must have been looking as someone was running around his base in tradition, because our ship has run aground!!! Our park has over twenty individual play elements some of which have many more individual play items, amounting to a treasure of play based around our ship wrecked scene on a tropical shore. Due to the proximity to the sea and the fact the we named our playground after a monolith that is meant to guide ships to safe passage we felt it was only fitting to honour the South East’s coast marine heritage and beach a ship in the playground and make it fun.   Climb the mound to the crow’s nest and rope ladder to keep a good lookout for passing ships. If the enemy is spotted sound the alarm on the talk tubes and head down the slides to join your comrades.  


Tramore Inclusion ParkOur one of a kind design not to be seen or repeated anywhere, is a stricken galleon broken in two by a freak wave or a rasp of Moby Dick’s massive tail. It can be anything you want it to be, as we ask children not only to play, but to imagine. Climbing elements along with a fireman’s pole, boarding nets, large slide and it’s crows nest combine to make this a one of a kind piece. Carved from trusty robina timber, this mighty craft was designed to weather the stormiest seas and climate.  

A whale and Salmon springer let junior users know that something fishy is up with this deserted island, talk tubes allow shipmates to call out on the ships foghorns to warn one and other of approaching sirens on our scramble rocks, and in the area on our golden sands beach diggers are on hand to ask children to maneuver with careful hand and eye coordination developing crucial skills to build sea defences.

Traditional play elements such as swings and zip lines are given a new twist as they become mast rigging for Jack Sparrow to escape the villainous pirates. The mobilus mast will have people in a spin as they rock side to side on a swell, rise up and down on the crest of a wave and at the same time as all this is happening, risk spinning into a deadly whirlpool as this unique piece moves in 3 different ways leading to a ride like no other. Tramore Inclusion Park

A picnic allows ravenous pirates to fill their bellies with grog after a day’s pillaging and the brilliant aspect of this park is its accessibility to all. Wide embankment slides and basket swings along with our easily accessibile sand areas and alternate play structures including our pirate hideout (the junior play house) are all capable of welcoming children of all mental and physical capacities and allowing them the same freedom and enjoyment as their able bodied peers. At Spraoi Linn we have been striving for years to build sustainable and more natural play parks and the use of varying surfaces has again seen us blend this park into the area rather than carpet bombing the area with a sea of colours and rubber and taking the scenic element from the site. All you have to do is head out the copper coast to nearby Rinn Playground to see how a natural park can look. With grass matting and sand with play tables to bring the people from the beach to the beach playground we are continuing the tradition of 99’s and sand castles but with a modern twist. We have run aground ships in Laytown on the East Coast in Kilbaha on the West and Kelly’s hotel in Wexford and hopefully our most unique ship yet in Tramore we are hoping that this latest shipping disaster will be a massive success….”

PDF Files: Tramore Adventure Park — Obstacles Tramore Inclusion Park 

Tramore Inclusion Park is a Tramore Tourism Project.