Tramore Receives The Highest Amount Of Funding Under The Town And Village Renewal Scheme 2016

5 November 2016 Latest News Local News National News News

Heather Humphries TD, the Minister for Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs, announced on Friday that in total, some 172 towns and villages nationwide will benefit from €10 million in funding under the 2016 Town and Village Renewal Scheme, which she launched back in August of this year.

Funding under the scheme ranges from a minimum of €17,000 to a maxium of €100,000. The funding granted can, and will  be used for a variety of projects, by Local Authorities in with input from with local community groups and businesses, Works that may be carried out can include improving playgrounds and footpaths, tourism amenities, public art pieces and a wide range of works to improve the appearance of towns and villages nationwide, to help make them more attractive and more sustainable places in which to live and work.

In total, The Town And Village Renewal Scheme, will pay out a figure of  €10 million in Capital funding, which is being provided by the Government for the scheme.   A total figure of €380,000 will be available in each county for  renewal projects.

The Town and Village Renewal scheme is part of the Government’s commitment to ensuring that the benefits of economic recovery are felt in every part of the country.

The Town And Village Renewal Scheme allocations were divided into two categories. Category 1 being Towns & Villages with a population less than 5,000, and category 2:  Towns with a population of 5,000 – 10,000.

The funding is being allocated to Local Authorities to meet up to 85% of the total cost of each project.

Of the €380,000 that was allocated to Waterford, 6 Towns and Villages benefited from the scheme, with Bunmahon receiving the lowest amount of €20,000, with Tramore receiving the highest amount of €100,000. Here’s how the other towns and villages across Waterford fared.

Passage EastWaterford€50,000

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