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We Want Your Unused PC’s

4 October 2014 Latest News Local News News

If you have an old, unused or unwanted desktop PC of any age or condition, TCRfm want to hear from you. We are putting an appeal out to the community for used, unwanted or unused PC’s. The idea behind this scheme is to strip these machines down, & salvage all usable components, that will then be rebuilt into usable machines. TCRfm are well on their way to achieving there full time licence, but are still currently operating under a voluntary capacity. By introducing this drive, we aim to provide our volunteers with much needed equipment, while at the same time doing a bit for the community  by giving you the opportunity to put to good use, that old PC that is cluttering up under the stairs, in the shed or in the spare room. This is also an opportunity to do your bit for the environment as these machines will be directly recycled and put into use to help provide Tramore & surrounding areas with an independent community broadcasting service.

For anyone wondering what we plan to do should we receive an abundance of donations, well, the plan is quite simple. All machines will be stripped for usable components, and once we have enough to cater for our requirements, we will then make any excess parts, available to the community. Need a mouse? A keyboard? a memory card? if we have it, we will gladly supply it to you. Details of this will be released when the time comes, which will depend on the response from this drive. As for the parts that will be totally unusable, TCRfm will send them onward to an official recycling plant in accordance with the EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive.

So you have nothing to loose, but plenty to gain, in terms of extra space, doing your bit for the community & the environment, and at the very least, we’ll save you the hassle of having to bring that unwanted desktop computer into a recycling facility, & if equired, we will even call to collect the PC from your home or office, meaning you have to do nothing other than let us know its there.

Donations will be recieved in the TCRfm studios on Queen Street between 10 am & 4pm any day, or you can contact us on 051 338301 or email news@tcrfm.ie


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