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Water Charges Come Into Effect From Today

1 October 2014 Latest News Local News National News News

Today  is the day water charges will come into effect for both metered and unmetered homes, with first bills arriving on your doorstep from January the 1st 2015.

Figures released from the Department of the Environment show that 403,107 households  have had  meters installed at their homes, which is only a quarter of required quota

Environment Minister Alan Kelly stated that “The meter installation programme commenced in August 2013 and will be completed by 2016.images

Every household should complete their application by the 31st of October in order that Irish Water

  1. Can confirm if you are a customer of Irish Water
  2. Apply any water service allowances that you may be entitled to
  3. And Ensure you are billed accurately when billing starts in Jan 2015

The previous proposal by the Commission for Energy Regulation remains unchanged  meaning that the rate of €4.88 per 1,000 litres for households that use both water services and wastewater services, or €2.44 per 1,000 litres if you only use one service. is now the official price set for water charge along with

The free allowance of 30,000 litres per household, with an extra allowance per child  might not last long, as some would imagine, as it works out to being the equivilant to  seven flushes of the toilet per day, two five-minute showers, or 28 runs of the dishwasher per week.

Water-Charges-IrelandThe average annual bill is expected to be €238.

Using water usage estimates from TapTips.ie. The two amounts refer to the two different rates, and bear in mind that these charges only apply outside of the allowance.

  • Five minute shower (35 litres) = €0.08/€0.17, and one everyday per year would cost €31.17/€62.34.
  • Bath (80 litres) = €0.19/€0.39. One bath a week per year would cost €10.15/€20.30
  • Power shower (125 litres in less then five minutes) = €0.30/€0.61. One every day per year would cost €111.32/€222.65
  • Flushing a standard toilet (9 litres) = €0.02/€0.04. Ten flushes a day would cost €80.15/€160.31 per year.
  • Flushing a modern toilet (6 litres) = €0.01/€0.03. Tenflushes a day would cost  €53.44/€106.87 per year.
  • Modern washing machine (45 litres) = €0.11/€0.22. Three washes a week would cost €17.13/€34.26 per year.
  • Older washing machine (65 litres) = €0.16/€0.32. Three washes a week would cost €24.74/€49.48 per year.
  • Dishwasher (20 litres) = €0.05/€0.10. Three washes a week would cost €7.61/€15.22 per year.

downloadSinn Fein Senator, David Cullinane  will be hosting a public meeting on water charges in O’Shea’s hotel on Friday the 10th  October at 8pm

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